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There are many choices of where to buy Kratom Capsules. Of the 25 sites that I’ve bought from, I’ve narrowed the search down to just a couple.

There is nothing more disappointing than buying a sub-par product. You have to endure the hassle of reaching customer service, speaking to them and have them agree to return. Then you have to package it, and send it back with the hopes that they’ll refund your card. The entire time your thinking - "Why didn’t I buy from Kratom PRO?"

Another alarming rumor I recently heard is some unscrupulous vendors are adding mixing their kratom with cheaper herbs such as alfalfa (which is $9 per lb., vs. kratom which is $100 per lb. This kind of activity makes my skin crawl and (as a big believer in karma) I truly think these vendors will get their comeuppance. No website stays in business very long without offering a solid product with customer satisfaction to match.

I base my calculations on the following attributes when picking a vendor...

  1. Quality of product. This is very important as the quality varies dramatically from one supplier to another.
  2. Speed of shipping. I like to have my kratom order shipped within a day of ordering. Arena usually ships within a few hours, which is nice.
  3. Pricing. Price is indicative of quality and I feel that both suppliers offer very fair pricing considering the high quality of product which they sell.
  4. Customer Service. If I need to contact my supplier, I always prefer telephone over email. If you can speak with someone, it’s much easier than bouncing emails back and forth for a few days. I’m an "instant gratification" kind of guy. One of the oldest vendors with a great reputation, and they also offer many different varies to choose from. We all know, that variety is the spice of life - choose a vendor with a nice selection so you don’t get stuck in the mud. And lastly, your probably going to leave my site now. I’d like to say - thank you for reading, and I want to wish you the very best for the future.