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Kratom Capsules

This site is dedicated to provide information on kratom capsules. If your looking for quality from a supplier that is reliable then look no further than my site to point you in the right direction.

Caps are the easiest way to enjoy this leaf. One doesn’t experience the bitter taste and dosage can be easily administered without the use of scales or guess-work. Gone are the days of toss-n-wash or kratom tea. Toss and wash simply means tossing powder into your mouth and washing down with liquid. This results in powder getting stuck between your teeth and is overall an unpleasant experience. If you have ever made kratom tea, you’ll know that the bitter taste is unbearable. No matter how much honey, sugar or lemon you add, you cant match the taste. Capsules are much easier, with less hassle and no bad taste in your mouth.

When choosing a supplier its always beneficial to use a busy site that turns over stock regularly. Smaller (less busy sites) sit on their inventory for months, sometimes years. Although kratom is a robust herb, the quality does break down over time. Hence the fact, fresh product is higher quality than old (stale) product. The shelf life is approximately 6 months.

The next important factor to consider is the grinding of the leaf to a powder. Some suppliers buy their kratom in powdered form and again store this for long periods of time. A freshly ground kratom is far more potent than old powder. The best way to explain this is in terms of coffee. We all know that fresh ground coffee is more potent than old ground coffee. With this in mind, you want to receive your caps within a week of grinding the kratom leaf to powder.

With all this in mind, the next decision is where to buy. My favorite vendor (and trust me, I’ve tried them all). The best site is Organic Kratom. This site has quality products, superior customer service and they grind their kratom from leaf to a powder.